Lithuania completely refused to supply Russian gas

Lithuania no longer imports natural gas from Russia. This on Saturday confirmed the Ministry of Energy of the Baltic Republic, writes TASS.

“The Lithuanian gas transmission system from the beginning of the current month acts without gas imported from Russia,” the report says. As the Office indicated, with reference to the operator of the Networks of the Amber GRID network, as of April 2, the import of Russian raw materials on the Lithuanian-Belarusian junction of gas systems was zero. Thus, the Ministry of Energy explained, the requirement of the Russian Federation calculation for the supply of GHGs in rubles is not relevant for Vilnius.

Lithuania provides himself with natural gas through the LNG terminal in Klaipeda port. The object was commissioned in December 2014. Prior to this, the gas networks of the republic were integrated only in the eastern direction.

In Vilnius, they argue that the LNG terminal has become a counterweight of the Russian gas monopoly in the face of Gazprom. The base ship was given the name independence (“independence”). The terminal cost Lithuania in 101 million euros. Another 56 million euros, Vilnius pledged to pay annually for ten years of the Norwegian Hoeg Lng for rent a specially built company in South Korea of ​​the base ship, which he has the right to redeem later for a fee.