Lithuania: military exercises “Drive” under command of United States

In Lithuania, the exercises began on relocation under the leadership of the US Armed Forces, the command of the Lithuanian army said.

“The teachings of the sword” will take place in Lithuania from April 19 to April 24, they are carried out by the US armed forces in Central and Eastern Europe in order to demonstrate the ability to quickly transfer the units of the ground forces to another region, strengthen existing units of the ground forces and achieve the effect of deterrent “, – the press service of the Lithuanian army reports.

About 600 US military and 120 units of wheeled equipment will take part in the exercises, which will be relocated from Poland through the Kalvaria-Budzisco checkpoint and, together with the lands of Lithuania and the US rotation battalion, will conduct training firing.

The command also reported that from April 23 to the end of May, the large -scale exercises of the Grand Quadriga 2024 Bundesvers will be held in Lithuania, within the framework of which over 3 thousand German military and 200 units of military equipment, including LEOPARD tanks, BMP, will be relocated to Lithuanian training grounds. Puma and Boxer.

Within the framework of the exercises, it is planned to redesign the two divisions from Central Europe to East.

Units of the Lithuanian Army, together with German units, will participate in training and conducting operations, as well as support the host of the country.