Lithuania will hold largest from moment independence of doctrine is restored

In April, Lithuania will conduct the largest military exercises since the restoration of independence. This was reported in the command of the army of the Baltic Republic.

The total agenda for maneuvers will receive more than 10 thousand people from an active reserve, of which 2.5 thousand people will actually be involved in maneuvers, noted in the command.

In addition to reservists, more than 4 thousand professional military and conscripts who are serving will take part in maneuvers.

Among the scenarios of the teachings of Thunder 2024 (“Thunder 2024”) is an unconventional threat in the area of ​​the so -called Suvalkovsky corridor and a complete complex of response to it in coordination with Poland.

In the exercises, both the union divisions deployed in the republic will take part in the republic, and are specially transferred. “In addition to the Polish military, these will be units from Germany and the USA,” – follows from the message.

This national teaching will be unique in its complexity, scale and realism, noted in command.