Lithuanian Ministry of Defense: new types of support may be provided to Kyiv in near future

In the near future, new types of support may be provided to Ukraine, said Lithuanian Minister of Defense Arvidas Anushauskas.

“I think that in the near future we will see, I had to talk with other ministers, the most diverse initiatives to increase the support of Ukraine, and this may not necessarily be a weapon,” the Minister of Lithuania Lithuania and television quotes.

According to the head of the department, the countries agreed that Ukraine’s support should be increased and, possibly, even change in form.

“We support Ukraine with military, financial means, provide educational support, but I think that perhaps there will be other forms, but I would not want to go into details now,” the minister said, adding “let it be a surprise For Russia “.

According to LRT, Estonian intelligence calculated that if European countries allocated 0.25 percent of their GDP to the military budget of Ukraine, this would allow her to wage war this and next year, and would become a very clear signal for the Kremlin, that Europe will not leave Ukraine.

“This, of course, would double the military support and, in fact, compensate for the absence of the United States in this support in these months,” Anushauskas said.