Lithuanian President: “If Russia succeeds in Ukraine, Baltic countries will be next purpose”

“Russia expected to take Kyiv in a few days and that this war would not have large political and economic consequences. But we see that this is not at all the case. The conflict cannot be resolved, sitting at the negotiating table. The conflict will be resolved on the field I do not see other alternatives, and we must direct every effort to achieve the victory of Ukraine in this war. All other scenarios can be very dark for Ukraine, Lithuania and the entire democratic world. ” This was announced in an interview with Voice of America by Lithuania President Gitanas Nauceda.

According to him, “if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, they will come to our doors.”

“I do not know who will be their next goal – the Baltic country, perhaps Poland, possibly Romania, but this is not the most important question. The most important challenge is to do what Russia would stop in NATO and the European Union”, – said the Lithuanian leader.