Lithuanian President will run for second term

The current president of Lithuania Gitanas Nauced will run for a second term in the presidential election next year.

“When I took office of the president four and a half years ago, my main goal was to build a strong, fair Lithuania, which respects its citizens and which citizens respect. Lithuania, who shares its prosperity with everyone, including those Who is less secured, ”the head of state quoted“ European Truth ”.

Nauceda noted that he is strongly tuned to continue the work.

“I will run for the presidential election in May 2024, and I hope that the people of Lithuania will provide me with a strong mandate of trust, as it was in 2019,” the politician added.

Before you declare his decision to run, Nauceda spoke with a 30-minute speech in the presidential palace, in which he spoke about the country’s achievements from the moment he took office in 2019, the publication notes.

During its first time, the NAUSS was remembered by the extremely strict criticism of the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine.

According to public opinion polls, Nauceda is a clear favorite of the presidential election in May next year.

His main competitors are considered lawyer Ignas Vegele, who recently announced his decision to run, and Prime Minister Ingrid Shinite.

Presidential elections in the country will be held on May 12, 2024.