Livni in Brazil claimed lives of more than 40 people

The number of victims of the consequences of a tropical cyclone that brought a shower to the Brazil state of San Paulo increased to 44.

This was reported by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

previously reported 40 dead.

identities of the seven dead, including three children.

As the publication clarifies, last weekend in the region there were more than a month of precipitation, in the most affected by San Sebastian and Bertioga this indicator reached a record 627 and 683 mm. The blow of the elements led to numerous floods and landslides, the destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities.

Transported transport communication on large routes connecting the same name by the capital of San Paulo with coastal areas and with neighboring Rio de Janeiro. According to local authorities, the fate of at least 40 people is unknown. About 2.5 thousand inhabitants lost their shelter. Mass evacuation of tourists who were in this popular resort area on pre -carnival weekends is carried out.

In five municipalities, on which the main blow of the elements came, the emergency mode was announced. In many areas, water and power supply are violated, cellular communications do not work. More than 500 employees of various services are involved in the fight against the consequences of the shows, including the military.

In connection with what happened, local authorities canceled all the entertainment events dedicated to the celebration of the Carnival, the state government announced a three -day mourning. President of the country Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva promised to assist in eliminating the consequences of a natural disaster. On Monday, the head of state interrupted his vacation and visited the injured areas, after which it was decided to allocate about $ 6.5 million on their restoration.