Lockheed Martin General Director said “exciting” opportunity to work with Turkey

Vice-President of the United Group of Fighter Aviation Lockheed Martin and CEO of Orlando J. Sanchez expressed satisfaction in connection with the opportunity to work with Turkey against the background of the successful completion of the US Congress associated with the sale of F-16 fighters.

The Lockheed Martin fighter, one of the largest military-industrial corporations in the field of aircraft industry and military equipment in the United States, today notes 50 years from the date of its first flight. Lockheed Martin produced its 4600th plane at a plant in South Carolin. Although the US Air Force no longer purchases new F-16s, the fighter is still in demand around the world. In general, 3100 aircraft are operated in different countries of the world. Recently, the Air Force of many countries, including Turkey, continue to make new requests for an improved F-16 Block 70.

F-16 Block

In an interview with Anadol, the general director of Orlando J. Sanchez said that Turkey has F-16 fighters in versions of Block 30, 40, 50 and 50+, while the F-16 Block 70, which is the most advanced version from when or created fourth -generation fighters, has the same technological infrastructure.

“This is associated with the strategy of the emergence of the aircraft. It was developed as a universal platform capable of constant development to cope with new threats in accordance with the needs of the countries that use it,” said Sanchez.

According to him, this aircraft became a kind of “common denominator”, in particular, among NATO allies.


Increasing demand for F-16 in the armies of NATO and Europe

Since the beginning of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the question arose on the agenda about the transfer of the F-16 of the Ukrainian army. Many NATO and European countries plan to transfer their F-16 to Ukraine and purchase new fighters of the BLOCK 70 version. The low cost of flight and service F-16 still make this fighter the most popular combat air in many NATO and European countries.

Sanchez noted that he began his career with the program “European Flight Training of NATO”, and one of his first flight instructors was the Turkish pilot F-16.

“Thanks to the F-16 Block 70, you not only become the owner of one of the names such as weapons, but part of a wide network. Today in Europe there are 700 F-16 fighters. If we look at the threats arising in Europe or the Middle East, The network I mentioned is also a very important force in the NATO environment. Sanchec.

He recalled that F-16 fighters began their path with the Block 10 version.

“Turkey has fighters in versions of Block 30, 40, 50 and 50+.block 70 is the most newest and perfect product from the number of fourth -generation aircraft ever created,” Sanchec.