Look at yourself: Beijing answered Washington accusations

USA throughout its history made systematic ethnic cleansing and mass killings of indigenous Americans, but at the same time, the states are accused of China Genocide, stated PRC PRC with the UN Zhang Jun, commenting on the words of the American postprace Linda Thomas Greenfield, who announced the Genocide of the Uigur Minority in China and touched Taiwan’s problem.

Zhang Jun called the charges to be bored, adding that “the US repeated lie about the” genocide “in Xinjiang was refuted by the facts,” RIA Novosti reports.

While the United States affect the issue of human rights, they themselves remain the recordsmen on violations of these rights, the diplomat added. “Systematic ethnic cleansing and mass killings of indigenous Americans throughout the history of the United States are a real genocide and a crime against humanity. Meanous murders of civilians, including women and children by American military in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, are war crimes,” quotes Jusun Agency.

According to him, in this region, people of different nationalities live “peaceful, harmonious and happy life.” Taiwan’s topics, Jun urged the United States not to interfere in China’s internal affairs.

“The United States must stop encouraging and maintaining the forces of” Independence of Taiwan “, they must follow the true politics of the Unified China … Otherwise, the game in Taiwanese question will only lead to burns,” he said.