Lords told Foadu Muradov about her support to Azerbaijan

As part of the visit of the Delegation of the State Committee on working with the diaspora in the United Kingdom in London, a meeting was held with representatives of the Pakistani community.

In the event on “to a sustainable future” (“Working Towards a Sustainable Future”) took part in policies, parliamentarians, mayors of various cities of Pakistani origin and representatives of the Turkish community.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the State Committee for Fuad Muradov noted the role of Pakistan in support of Azerbaijan. Islamabad – one of the first recognized the independence of Azerbaijan and to this day did not establish diplotes with Armenia. Pakistan had Baku big political and moral support during the second Karabakh war.

Recalling the meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Pakistan within the framework of the Summit of the Organization of Economic Cooperation, held at the end of November in Ashgabat, F. Muradov expressed confidence that the current meeting will play a big role in the expansion of the associations of the Azerbaijani diaspora with the Pakistani community operating in United Kingdom and Europe and the implementation of joint projects.

The mayors of the municipality of the municipality or the Minir Ahmed, the municipality of Slaya – Nazir Hussein, members of the House of Lords of the British Parliament – Mohammed Sheikh, Lord Kurban Hussein and others. Speakers expressed good attitude towards Azerbaijan and told about their support for fair position Baku during the debate held in the UK Parliament. According to Lords, the Karabakh conflict stayed behind and during his visit to Azerbaijan Lords witnessed vandalism of the occupying regime.

Mohammed Sheikh and Kurban Hussein noted that it will once again be issued to the Agenda of the UK Parliament, the question of the need to transferring the Armenia of Main Fields. “Azerbayagean and Pakistan have always been working together. We promise to continue to maintain the position of our fraternal country and are ready for this,” said State Representative of Pakistani Province Punjab Atir Chodri.

Note that the world’s largest Pakistani community lives in the United Kingdom.

As part of the visit of the State Committee to the United Kingdom in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, a meeting was held with members of the Azerbaijan Community.

f. Muradov highly appreciated the achievements of the Azerbaijani community in integrating into the local community, scientific, educational and social spheres.

Speaking at the event by the coordinator of the Council of Azerbaijanis Britain Nargiz Morrison and other community members, stressed that in Aberdeen for the first time a meeting was held with members of the Azerbaijani community, shared an opinion on the strengthening of diaspl activities, expressed proposals on the work plan for the next year.