Lukashenko about Biden’s visit to Kyiv: this is parrot

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, in an interview with the Chinese media, commented on the recent visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine.

According to him, this event is on a par with an incident with a Chinese balloon shot down by the United States, BelTA reports.

“such a small, indecent step,” said the head of state.

However, this kind of move cannot be considered original, such a visit, also from the American side, was already not so long ago, the president hinted.


“This is a parrot. It has already been. exactly such a visit. Why? The election is presidential. He wants, Joe Biden, to jump into this election campaign on the horse of the war. Here it will definitely not be possible,” he said.


“You perfectly understand the situation in the world. China will not be a good life, – Lukashenko drew attention.“ The main rival of the United States is China. The Americans do not hide it. It is sad that they have only dropped to the smallest detail. “


He explained that we are talking about a Chinese ball shot down by Americans.

“They arranged a show in American: they strained, strained their society so that everyone saw what danger from this Chinese object. And when 300 million people, Americans, were focused on this facility, they knocked it down. For what? For what? For what? They’ll have to show your heroism, ”the president said.