Lukashenko accused special services of Ukraine in financing of armament of opposition

“The extremist organizations of the Nazi sense were blooming. And in the 2020th, the soldier of Belarus began.” This was stated by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, transfers BelTA.

“Attempts to the public version, we did on the Ukrainian scenario with the active connection of Ukrainian nationalists and ciberian centers located in Ukraine,” said the Belarusian leader.

In the Volyn region, next to the Belarusian borders, with the knowledge of the Ukrainian competent authorities, the bases and training camps were created in order to prepare the “volunteers” to participate in Belarusian events.

“, by the way, in court publicly confirmed Semchenko’s battalion commander, who is in custody. There is also an indisputable proof of the involvement of the special services of Ukraine to the activities of the Avtukhovich’s gang on the acquisition of ammunition in Ukraine and moving them to Belarus. Not the only fact. We This was told to our people. Think about the territory of Ukraine there are more than 15 political immigrant centers and structures that are engaged in recruitment and support of runaway from Belarus, “said the head of state.