Lukashenko declared grain with a weapon: “You won’t smear dollars for bread”

sanctions against fertilizers, petroleum products and supply chains makes “weapons” from grain, capable of bringing down food markets. About this, as TASS reports, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Counciloms and governors.

According to the leader of the republic, the “Mad Flying Sanctions” threatens to disrupt the upcoming agrosezons, and the increase in grain prices will inevitably increase prices for other types of food. “When hunger, and not enough, forgive me, ghosts, wars begin. The grain has become a great policy and, in fact, weapons,” said Lukashenko.

In addition, the Belarusian president said that “hunger is”, and the UN in the matter of its prevention demonstrates its helplessness. In a situation where 50 countries of the world are critically dependent on grain from Russia and Ukraine, prices beat historical records. “As it turned out, you won’t smear dollars for bread,” Lukashenko remarked, emphasizing separately that Belarus did not plan to export the grain.

According to him, the year in the harvest was not bad, and the republic, “if you do not behave slap -in”, but act as “according to the laws of wartime”, will receive the required amount of “bread” for people and animals. And he promised to consider the losses of grain during the harvesting campaign as a sabotage or crime.

harvesting should start in Belarus next week, summed up Lukashenko.