Lukashenko explained “mistake of Volodya Zelensky”

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky violates the basic principles of the negotiation process. So believes President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“The mistake of Ukrainians, Volodya Zelensky is that it violates the classical principles of the negotiation process. Moreover, talking with gigantic Russia. You can not pre -put the conditions. Sit down at the negotiating table, you will put forward all the conditions. And the second principle is classic – compromises”, – said Lukashenko in an interview with the Russian media.

The President of Belarus also believes that the United States does not allow the leadership of Ukraine to begin the negotiation process with Russia.

“If you mean the leadership of Ukraine, then they absolutely do not give him. The Americans want one blow, they would put Europe and get to China through Russia. Naturally, trampling Russia,” Lukashenko said.