Lukashenko is sure that CSTO “does not collapse”

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, stated in Yerevan about the irregularity of the CSTO, but at the same time emphasized that the future of the organization could directly depend on the result of the war in Ukraine.

Speaking at a session of the CSTO collective security council in Yerevan, he noted that recently there have been opinions that the life and fate of the CSTO depend on the outcome of the war in Ukraine. “If Russia wins, the CSTO will live. If, God forbid, it will not win, the CST will not exist … And in our countries, many hot heads began to discuss this problem … I feel that we came to a consensus that if, do not give it to God, Russia will collapse, then our place is under these debris, ”said the Belarusian leader.

In this regard, he emphasized that “… there should not even be such conversations. We are not going to leave the military-political arena. The CSTO will exist, and no one will collapse anywhere. But we need unity.”