Lukashenko: Minsk and Moscow so far are tolerate “Men’s tricks” from West

Belarus and Russia “so far to suffer the tricks of the madmen” from the leadership of the Western countries, but this cannot continue endlessly. This statement was voiced by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation Anton Alikhanov, BelTA reports.

Lukashenko emphasized that the unprecedented attempt undertook in 2022 in 2022 and the free movement of goods by rail and road transport both from Russia and Belarus was doomed to failure. ” “Now we are absolutely convinced of this. No matter how we try to share us with artificial barriers, it will not work,” the politician is sure.

Moreover, this is dangerous for the side that acts with similar initiatives, Lukashenko is convinced.

Because in this way the economic (and not only economic) war is unleashed, “which Belarus and Russia are madmen in the West is not trying to declare for the first time.” “Then let them not be offended. We don’t threaten anyone. We will just observe our interests – Belarus and Russia. So far, it’s hard to endure all these tricks. But this cannot continue endlessly. Therefore, the leadership (I emphasize – the leadership ) the Baltic states, yes, probably Poland, should understand this perfectly, ”Lukashenko believes.