Lukashenko told how Zelensky persuaded to negotiate with Russia

The presidents of Ukraine and Belarus Vladimir Zelensky and Alexander Lukashenko managed to agree, despite the complex conversation in front of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations in the Gomel region.

“Heavy conversation was. He considered us an aggressor. But in the end we agreed. And I told him: In Gomel, the Russian delegation awaits you. Come”, “said Lukashenko, whose words leads BelTA.

According to President of Belarus, he said Zelensky: “Stop performing against, for all the dogs will descend on you.”

The President of Belarus expressed regret that participants in the negotiations had to go more than a day. “I was published for the President of Russia. I agreed with the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, our military was connected. They provided a corridor from Kyiv to Gomel. And there I had to pick them up with helicopters. Nothing like that,” Lukashenko admitted.

According to him, the Ukrainian team of negotiators headed first to Lviv, and from there – to Poland. “They asked the Belarusians to skip the NATO aircraft on which they flew to Brest,” Lukashenko added.

According to him, “I had to resolve the Poles to cross the state border and bring them to Brest Airport, and from there to pick up our helicopters already and deliver to the” recreation base “.

At the same time, he accused the West in attempts to break the Russian-Ukrainian talks: “Negotiations just started. What a statement followed: a visa-free entry of world bandits into the territory of Ukraine – ChvK and others from Afghanistan, around the world. Opened the gate – go.” / P>

Lukashenko also negatively appreciated the statement of Germany on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. “Bandits arrived, weapons The most modern to Ukraine was delivered and dried up. Moreover, negotiations are coming – it follows a statement that the EU begins to deliver the combat aircraft to Ukraine,” said the leader of Belarus, noting that this is not allowed during negotiations.