Lyubov Rashada Salaev to Valeria Volodyina cost Russia over 30 thousand euros

Russian woman Valery Volodina, complained of persecution by his former guy of a citizen of Azerbaijan Rashada Salaev, reached the European Court of Human Rights and won the case.

The court found that the Russian authorities did not defend the girl from Cyberhassment and awarded the girl compensation in the amount of 7.5 thousand euros.

It is noteworthy that earlier ECHRs awarded it compensation of 25 thousand euros. The history of relations between Rashada Salaev and Valeria Volodyina led to the fact that the Strasbourg court in 2019 first made a decision on the case of domestic violence.

For the first time, Volodina appealed to the Police of Ulyanovsk in early 2016. The girl complained about the systematic beating in the family. The criminal case of the security forces opened only two years later. After Volodine broke up with Salaev, the former partner began to follow her and asked to return, threatening with violence. The girl was subsequently forced to change the name and leave Russia.

Later, the girl complained that Rashad Salaev hacked her account in Vkontakte and laid out her personal data there (including passport scans) and intimate photos. In the contacts of the profile, the man added classmates of her 12-year-old son and a class teacher. Volodina appealed to the police, but there they refused a criminal case there. This was the reason for the second decision of the European Court of Human Rights.