Macron persistently asks Africa about love, but does not meet reciprocity

Another scandal ended organized by President Emmanuel Macron Conference France-Africa. Its participants appreciated the policies of Paris on the Black Continent as “Rebranding Colonialism.”

From the speech of the French president at this conference, the impression remains that, speaking somewhere in African deserts among the versalities, and it would have a greater success and more thankful audience. Macron is already embarrassed on the trick – did not invite official persons in Paris hundreds of young African businessmen, people of creative professions and social activists – but the attempt to build a confidential dialogue failed. Whistle and Topot were the answer to his appeals.

From the moment of coming to power in 2017, Macron positioned himself as a bannamer of a new generation, which seeks to start a new chapter between Paris and his former African colonies, as a person who questioned the old approaches to Francafrique – businessmen, military and diplomats. supporting loyal France modes on a black continent.

But the network turned out to be stronger than him – and now we are watching how he is chaotic, trying to preserve the role of France as a privileged partner of Africa. Moreover, the worst part of it, where the corrupt autocracy is ruled, in exchange for France’s loyalty, requiring support for their non-permissibility. As a result, membership in Francafrique becomes an obstacle to the development of African states that are part of it, which naturally causes anger and indignation of local youth and politicians who know how to look further than a step forward.

and such a negative public response at the France-Africa conference is quite explained by the Black Continent of Paris again trying to impose an old scheme, the essence of which is a corruption rent, including the discrepancy of funds heading for a variety of help and loans to former colonies. And then these money stolen by African politicians settle in the accounts of their criminal counterparties in France itself.

That’s all the essence of Francafrique Macron. In full compliance with the commandments of de Gaulle, who planned to “detach the compositions”, that is, the French colonies, but periodically “unload wagons”, implying freely use their resources.

But the problem is that France today does not have an economic and military potential for such a policy. In the field of economy, it cannot compete with China, the investment of which in Africa in recent years has more than all European countries combined, and French exports to Africa is hardly a quarter of Chinese.

From a military point of view of the operation “Serval” and “Barchan” against Islamist groups in Sahele, there were a peak of the possibilities of the French army, but she did not succeed in them to achieve any significant success. Paris made a bet on the formation of the international coalition with him headed, but African countries had no resources to participate in it, and Europe categorically refused to participate, because he was afraid of a protracted war with incomprehensible goals for her.