Macron put Lapid in an awkward position

French President Emmanuel Macron put the Prime Minister of Israel Yair Lapid in an awkward position during the statements made the day before at their meeting in Paris, 7kanal writes with reference to Maariv.

The current Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid in a new position made the first foreign trip to Paris. The head of government held negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron. The parties discussed the issue of attempts by Hezbollah to send three drones-reconnaissance to the oil tower at the Karish gas field, located a disputed zone between Israel and Lebanon and a nuclear deal with Iran. France is one of the several world powers trying to revive a deal previously torn by the Trump administration.

As diplomatic sources told the publication, Lapid was embarrassed and even thought that he could be harmful in Israel Macron’s statements that the French president sees a “historical figure in Lapid, which could return to the peaceful process with the Palestinians.” Macron also noted that he knows what Lapida thinks about this, given what he heard from him in the past.

The French president added that there is no real alternative to returning to the table of negotiations with the Palestinians.

Officials of the Elisean Palace said that Macron wanted to make it clear that France did not intend to stop its activities and attempts to initiate political contacts between Israel and Palestinians.