Macron urged Georgia to impose sanctions against Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron in his letter to President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili called on Tbilisi to join European sanctions against Russia.

“almost three months have passed since the European continent felt a deadly aggressive war that Russia wages against the sovereign country of Ukraine. In the face of this attack, which seriously undermines the security and stability of our continent, it is necessary that the European family preserves their unity. The support of the Ukrainian people, this will be the reception of many refugees who are currently in your territory, or the provision of humanitarian aid, Georgians have confirmed their complete commitment to the values ​​for us, ”he wrote.

Macron noted that the consistent vote of Georgia in support of resolutions in the UN, calling for the immediate end of the war in Ukraine, urging Russia to stop all attacks on the civilian population and, finally, its exclusion from the Human Rights Council was a very important signal.

“When Georgia was once again able to confirm its commitment to the path of democracy and recently introduced the second part of the questionnaire for EU membership, it is important that the country supports the policy of European sanctions and prevents Russia of Russia’s attempts to circumvent the current sanctions regime,” the French leader quotes the French leader APSNY.GE.