Macron’s unreasonable claims against Azerbaijan were condemned to Baku

Baku decisively condemns unreasonable claims against Azerbaijan and unilateral defense of Armenia, voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron during a joint press conference with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Paris.

“It is completely inappropriate that France, which for almost 30 years did not speak about Azerbaijanis, whose rights were violated, who were expelled from their territories and subjected to massacres, spoke about the rights and security of Armenians who left the territory of Azerbaijan of her own free will And without any violence, ”the Republic of the Republic says.

The statement of the department notes that it would be more useful if the French side, which, in the framework of the Alma-Ata Declaration and some cards, has affected the importance of territorial integrity, made clarity why it did not oppose the Armenian aggression and occupation of Azerbaijani almost 30 years of Armenian aggression and occupation territories, including the ongoing occupation of eight villages of Azerbaijan.

The Foreign Ministry called the accusations against Azerbaijan in an disproportionate answer instead of criticizing Armenia, which without any provoking factors violated the stability that had lasted almost five months.

“We once again declare that the insidious policy of France, aimed at creating a new tension in the region and an obstacle to the world and stability, will not bring any results,” the department added.