Maduro criticized because of rings, which he was presented in Azerbaijan

On the eve of the Mexico capital, Mexico City, the Community Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (Selak) was held – the largest interstate association of new light, which does not include the United States, Canada and Brazil.

One of the most scandalous forum events was the participation of President Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. It is worth noting that Uruguay and Colombia asked the organizers of the event to prevent Maduro participation.

Venezuelan leader still flew. And moreover, he openly supported the idea of ​​creating a structure similar to the European Union, and stated that the headquarters of the new organization could be in Mexico City.

Despite this, today a number of Mexican media spoke with the editorial articles criticizing Maduro. But then everyone, perhaps, the edition of Heraldo de Mexico.

Corresponding to Edition Alfredo Gonzalez notes that Nicholas Maduro behaved at the summit like Arabic sheikh.

“There were two rings on his hand: one with emerald – presented in Azerbaijan, and the second is just out of gold,” writes the author of the article entitled as “Banana Republic”.