Maduro: Venezuela will take new measures to protect Essekibu region

Venezuela will introduce “new measures” to protect the controversial with the neighboring Gayana region Essekibo. This was the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in contact with the nation in Karakas.

The Head of State emphasized that the support of the people at the on -organized referendum in the controversial region of Essekibo became “historical” and called for national unity.

Maduro thanked the inhabitants of Venezuela for the active participation and support in the referendum. “We gave a strong message to the whole world and proved our unity to everyone,” the head of state said.

The President recalled that he provided the PDVSA state oil company with oil, gas and mining industry in the Essexibo region, and to protect the region as the only official was appointed Major General Alexy Rodriguez Cable.

The National Higher Commission on Essekibo was created, and Vice President Delsi Rodriguez was appointed by its head, he recalled.

Venezuelans always remained “faithful” ideals and heritage of Hugo Chavez, “bravely” defended their homeland from unilateral sanctions and attempts by a coup d’etat, Maduro emphasized.

The President noted that the country needs a “compromise on five issues”: coordination of a new economic model, counteracting one-way sanctions, strengthening peace, improving social welfare and salvation of the Essexibo-Hayan region.

Maduro said that the opposition leaders sided with the American Energy Giant Exxon Mobile in the regional regional issue. “They betray their homeland, and I complain to them to all of you,” the head of state said.

The President noted that Karakas does not recognize the decision of the Parisian Arbitration of 1899, and the people of Venezuela are conducting a “bold” struggle, despite the US imperialism.

The dispute about the Essekibo region between Venezuela and Gayana dates back to the period preceding the acquisition of independence by Gayan.

During the British colony, the Essekibo River was designated as the western border of Gayan according to the decision of the border arbitration of 1899.

However, Gayana, who gained independence in 1966 and entered the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970, did not recognize this border and declared Essexibo.

Currently, the Essexibo region or the region, known as Gayana -Essext, is the controversial territory in the West of the Modern Republic of Gayan, in the Essekibo River basin.

It is noted that the region is extremely rich in natural resources