Magate: Iran can already create more than one atomic bomb

Iran already has a sufficient amount of enriched uranium to create a “more than one” atomic bomb, said the Magate Rafael Grossy CEO, in an interview with the American television channel,

However, according to the head of the IAEA, the “point of no return” has not yet been passed.

answering the journalist’s question, “how close to the creation of a nuclear bomb is”, Grossy said: “At the current level of production of the enriched Uranus, Iran has already accumulated enough to do more than one device if they wanted it. But we have no one. information that would indicate the existence of Iran’s program to create nuclear weapons. “

“Can we say that we have reached a point of no return with Iran? Is it time to just recognize it with a nuclear power?” – The head of the Magate negatively answered this question: “No, we have not reached this point. But we must work so that this does not happen.”