Mahsa’s father Amini: My daughter was beaten, there were bruises on her body

The father of 22-year-old Iranki Mahsa Amini, whose death caused large-scale protests in Iran, denied the official version that his daughter had health problems, the Russian BBC service.

According to the father of the girl, Amjad Amini, he was not given access to the materials of the opening of his daughter. In an interview with BBC, he said that the girl’s health was in perfect order, and death occurred as a result of the beatings from the police.

“My son was with her. There are witnesses who told him that she was beaten in a minibus and then in a police station. The son asked them not to be taken away, but he was also beaten, torn clothes. I asked to see from them The recording from the underwear of the police officers, and they told me that the cameras at that moment sat down, ”says Amjad.

The man says that after the death of his daughter, he was not allowed to see her body for a long time.

“I wanted to look at my daughter, but they did not let me in,” he says.

When he asked the doctor to get acquainted with the opening protocol, he replied: “I will write what I want, you have nothing to do with it.”

The family of the deceased girl was never informed about the results of the autopsy.

Amini saw the body of his daughter only once – it was wrapped in a shroud, only the feet and face were visible.

“There were bruises on the feet, – he says. I asked the doctors to look at the feet closer.”

According to Amini, the representative of the authorities told him that the police would figure it out, where the bruises came from. But they never contacted him.

“They ignored me, and now they lie,” says the father of the deceased.