Mammadov and Sultanov to sell heroin, but

In Baku, the lawsuit in the criminal case of 37-year-old Sabukha Mamedov and 35-year-old Salekh Sultanov, Baku residents accused of illegal trafficking of drugs on a large scale, ended in Baku.

According to the Haqqı correspondent, the cousins ​​of Mammadov and Sultanov were not alone: ​​their supplier was a citizen of Iran, a certain “Mohammed”, whose personality could not be identified.

It is noted that men brought 9 kilograms of drugs hidden in the Kurdamirsky district to Baku. Both of them were detained in the capital of February 6 last year and delivered to the Main Drug Control Department. During the inspection, they found 100 grams each, and in the car controlled by Mamedov, a kilogram of heroin.

The search continued in the apartment of Mamedov. Another 8 kilograms of heroin were found there.

Despite this, the guilty of Sabukhi Mammadov did not admit himself for accusations and stated that he was detained by mistake. It is curious that during the investigation he said completely different and did not deny that he and Salimov use and sell drugs acquired from Mohammed. The last parcel had to be taken from the Curdamirsky district.

“We took the drugs and brought part to the indicated place in Baku. For this we expected to get a thousand manat. We took our own grams. I brought the rest home and hid.”

Later, Iranian instructed Mamedov to deliver a kilogram of heroin from the received party to the specified address. It was then that Mamedov and Sultanov were detained by law enforcement officers.

Sultanov gave similar indications during the investigation, who also denied his guilt in court. He was sentenced to 10 and a half years, and Sabukhi Mamedov – to 11 and a half years in prison.