Mask company received permission to implant chips for people

Neurotechnological company Neuralink, owned by Ilon Mask, said that she received permission to conduct clinical tests for implanting a chip into the human brain to use a computer and phone without the help of hands.

“We are pleased to report that we have received the approval of the Office for Sanitary Supervision of the Quality of Food Products and Medicines of the United States to launch our first clinical study in humans,” the message posted on Thursday on the company on Twitter.

A set of participation in the clinical test is not yet open.

Neuralink’s startup was created by a magician in July 2016 to combine the efforts of leading specialists in the field of developing neuro interfaces and creating robots to implant an almost unlimited number of electrodes into the brain in a fully automatic mode. In the distant perspective, according to the entrepreneur, such neuro interfaces will allow a person to become a cyborg that can withstand artificial intelligence, and will also help people learn to directly control the computer with the help of thoughts.

In February 2021, Neuralink conducted a study of the chip on the monkeys. According to the company, the connection to the chip is carried out through the iPhone.