Mass fight caused anti -azerbaijani slogans in Russian city

In a small town of Kovdor of the Murmansk region, a conflict of local residents with representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora occurred, Russian media write.

According to the publication “National Accent”, the conflict was interethical. The fight began with a clash of about 20 people after the visitor with the satellite was not allowed in the Aisun cafe. A criminal case has been opened under an article on hooliganism. As a result of the conflict, eight people were detained, four were injured.

The day after the fight on the streets of Kovdor, several dozen local residents went out. They shouted various slogans, including Xenophobic. At the same time, the local police led increased patrolling the streets.

Nevertheless, in the Murmansk regional public organization “Cultural Center“ Azerbaijan ”(CC“ Azerbaijan ”), they said that the reason for the conflict is not in interethnic relations. The chairman of the Azerbaijan CC Azerbaijan called the incident with the provocation and continuation of the events of two years ago, When Azerbaijani cars were burned in the city.

According to the assistant chairman Huseynal Huseynov, about 50 Azerbaijanis live in Kovdor. None of them left the city, but they remain in touch with the leadership of the diaspora.

The Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrei Chibis commented on what happened. According to him, the instigators of the fight are installed and will be punished. At the scene is the deputy governor Eric Hismatullin.