Matevosyan: EU mission arrived to observe Russians and Iranians

The fact that German police and French gendarmes are part of the EU observation mission suggests that they arrived in Armenia to monitor the movements of the Russian and Iranian troops, political scientist Beniamin Medvosyan told the Armenian media.

At the same time, Matevosyan noted that police officers of Germany and France will be able to apply their professional skills to collect and analyze the information received, regardless of whether they will be armed or not.

“Let’s be objective. Given the composition of the current mission, we can assume that there were also observers with professional skills capable of fixing the movement of troops and analyze the information received.

Regardless of whether they come here with weapons, or without, it is clear that they will be specifically busy monitoring the movements of the Russian troops. Given the current situation in international relations, given the statements voiced several years ago that at some point the Armenian-Iranian border can be closed, it is logical to assume that they come here to observe Iran, ”the political scientist said.