Matvienko Gafarova: borders of Azerbaijan with Armenia should be established on basis of Soviet cards

was exactly a year since signing an agreement on the termination of hostilities in the Karabakh region. The leaders of the three states (Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia) had enough wisdom to sign a document for the sake of stopping bloodshed and move to a peaceful dialogue. But the negotiation process is moving slowly, due to which the region remains in the region. According to Russian media, this was stated by Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko during a bilateral meeting at the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in St. Petersburg with a speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Sahiba Gafarov.

According to the speaker of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, the main task today is a delimitation (definition) of the boundary in such a way that no one has the desire to resume fighting.

“Russia proposed assistance, given that the Soviet period cards are stored only in our Ministry of Defense. They are verified, accurate and determine the exact boundaries between Armenia and Azerbaijan. You can negotiate on the basis of these cards, and Armenia, Azerbaijan supports such Approach … Understanding and consent is, but the process is moving slowly. Because of this, a certain tension continues, “said Matvienko, stressing that the Russian Federation is interested in” peaceful, stable Transcaucasia and peaceful life of people “and will do everything .

In turn, Sahib Gafarov assured that Azerbaijan is also “aimed at peace and stability” in Karabakh, without which it is impossible to talk about the peaceful and stable existence of the entire South Caucasus. “We see how the world community is expanding, and at the same time we understand that in a narrow meaning now it is impossible to talk about the development of any of the countries of our region separately – necessarily require some relationship, cooperation. This is all impossible without establishing peace,” – the head of the Azerbaijani Parliament said.