Max Ferstappen finished first to Grand Prix of Spain

The Dutch pilot of the Red Bull Max Fertappen team won the 10th stage of the World Cups in the Formula 1 Class, the Grand Prix of Spain.

Race, held on the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit 4.6-kilometer highway in Barcelona, ​​consisted of 66 circles.

Fersstappen, crossing the finish line of the race in the first place, won the 7th victory this season and the 61st in his career.

British pilot McLaren Lando Norris became the second, losing to the leader 2.219 seconds, and the British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the third to the lag in 17.790 seconds.

After this race, Max Ferstappen from Red Bull, Carlos Sayns and Charles Lekler from Ferrari, as well as Lando Norris from McLaren 7 times rose to the catwalk this season.

11th race of the season, the Grand Prix of Austria, will be held on June 30.

After the Grand Prix of Spain, the five best in the classification of riders and commands is as follows:

– racer

1 Max Ferstappen (Netherlands): 219 points

2nd Lando Norris (Great Britain): 150

3rd Charles Lecler (Monaco): 148

4th Carlos Sayns (Spain): 116

5th Sergio Perez (Mexico): 111

– commands

1. Red Bull: 330

2 Ferrari: 270

3. McLaren: 237

Mercedes 4: 151

5. Aston Martin: 58