Mayor of Berlin spoke for half an hour with Fake Klitschko

The mayor of Berlin Francis Giffy spoke for 30 minutes with an unknown person who pretended to be the city head of Vitaly Klitschko as the Kyiv city. It is reported by Tagesspiegel.

About the meeting, the Chancellery of Giffe requested the Ukrainian side, the Berlin authorities say. On which channels this happened is still unknown.

The course and tone of the conversation was confused by the burgomaster – the unknown asked about the care of Ukrainian refugees, supposedly receiving social assistance by fraudulently, cooperation of local authorities, so that Ukrainian men leave for Ukraine to fight.

The conversation was interrupted prematurely.

Senate spokeswoman Lisa Frerichs admitted that unknown people used the diplay of Vitaly Klitschko.

“Unfortunately, this is part of the reality that the war is conducted by all means, including online in order to undermine the trust and discredit partners and allies of Ukraine,” the mayor of Berlin responded.

Now the State Security Service of the State Criminal Police is investigating the circumstances.

Ukrainian ambassador Andrei Melnik confirmed the Germans that they talked with the fake mayor of Kyiv.

In addition, according to Bild, a similar incident happened in Madrid. There, too, someone pretended to be Klitschko.

“Real” Klitschko said Bild on Friday: “Dear Francis Giffy, I just found out that you and the mayor of Madrid had a false call. Someone sentenced himself for Vitaly Klitschko, but it was not me. I hope, I hope What soon we can talk on the phone through my official channels. I do not need a translator … “