Mazila: in USA, F-16 missed mysterious ball on first attempt

The first rocket that the US military launched along the object in the air over the lake of Houron on the border of the United States and Canada did not hit the target.

This was announced by the Fox News TV channel with reference to unnamed officials.

According to him, the fourth-generation F-16 fighter AIM-9 Sidewinder struck the object was struck by the object.

“The first rocket with the thermal guidance of Sidewinder flew past the target,” said one of the interlocutors of the channel.

where the rocket, which did not amaze the flying object, ultimately fell, is unknown. The second rocket hit the target. Each of these missiles costs more than $ 400 thousand, the channel notes.

As the CNN television company previously reported, an object shot down above the lake of Hoon was a small metal balloon with a load. The note, which was sent on Monday by American lawmakers, the Pentagon representatives also said that after the object was amazed on Sunday, he was “slowly sank” into the water.