Medvedev again has “masterpiece statement”

The Union of the United States and Europe has every chance to complete the “dirty scandal and the dreary section of the jointly acquired property.” About this in his Telegram channel was written by the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

“It seems that the Maryazh of the United States and Europe has every chance to end with a dirty scandal and the dreary section of a jointly acquired property. The reason is a clear economic failure, and sometimes a demonstrative refusal to fulfill” married duty “. Alfa -male Pindostan, despite all his own It turns out oaths in fidelity, love to the grave and mocking promises to bring all incomes to the family exclusively “, it turns out, he brazenly lied to his shameful Europe. He does not even think to share profit. On the contrary, he takes away the last from the elderly partner and assigns to himself without the slightest hesitations. The opinion of his partner – demonstratively, it is known that, however, under the sauce of beautiful, but empty political statements, ”Medvedev erupted.


According to Medvedev, the farther, the more actively the United States create on its territory the conditions for quick integration into its economy of leading European companies.

“America also encourages its customers to buy what has been produced in the United States – from electric vehicles to running consumer goods. Business is not a political madness that intensified the European Union, but its own benefit. Due to the sanctions war, declared Russia, European companies see for themselves less and less opportunities to work normally in their own countries. The Russian market is closed. The Chinese market is tightly clogged with its goods. But America is waiting for … European companies, ”writes the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation.