Medvedev: Biden can start third world war by distraction

US President Joe Biden can start the third world war by distraction.

This was written in his Telegram channel by the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the possibility of electing Biden by the US President in 2024.

“Old Bayden seems to have gathered for a second term. What was noted at the first: confuses the names, names, dates and is lost in his own office; he stores secret documents in the garage of his personal house; he spent more than one hundred billion dollars on an unknown country, unknown to ordinary Americans, But it dumps all the economic problems of the United States for the machinations of Russia. It can, by distraction, start the third world war, ”he said.

“Of course, progressive dementia is not an obstacle to elect the US president again,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council believes.