Medvedev suffered again

Kyiv will soon have no access to the sea, so the Ukrainian authorities should not ask for supplies of submarines, said the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

Earlier, the former ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, Andrei Melnik, said that in addition to tanks, fighters, warships and submarines are also needed.

“Airplanes are at least somehow clear. True, there are practically no normal runways, and the Ukrainian sky is closed by us. But the submarines are very strong. Especially taking into account the fact that soon the Kyiv regime will not have the sea at all”, – wrote in his telegram channel Medvedev.

In his other publication, this time in his English-language Twitter, Medvedev compared the ex-president of Poland Lech Valensu with the “paid provocateur” of secret services due to the statements about the need for Germany to “restore order” with Russia.

“Lech Valens, the ex -president of Poland Lech Valens burns. It says that the time has come for the Poles to kill Russia and China with the hands of Germany. [In it] the skills of the hired provocateur of the secret service of socialist Poland,” Medvedev believes.

Valensa said that Berlin “needs to show” that there were “always problems with Moscow”, and now “there is a chance to restore order with Russia.” In addition, Valentine believes, the same must be done with China so that future generations live in the world.