Meeting of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry is being held in Baku

In Baku, the 35th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Trade, Industrial and Agricultural Chamber began work.

At the opening of a meeting of the board of directors, about 100 delegations from 20 countries take part, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, as well as representatives of the State Construction of Azerbaijan, members of the Islamic Trade, Industrial and Agricultural Chamber. P>

The president of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) of Azerbaijan, who spoke at a meeting, Mamed Musaev expressed gratitude to the board of directors led by Abdullah Salekh Camel and Rifat Hisarjyklyoglu for organizing the event in Baku.

Musaev noted that the Islamic Trade and Industrial and Agricultural Chamber is the organizer of a number of large international forums, and the decision on the annual holding of the Forum for Sustainable Agriculture in Azerbaijan significantly contributes to the development of the country’s agricultural sector.

The chambers are 57 countries whose total area exceeds 31.8 million square kilometers, and the total population is more than 1.99 billion people. These countries account for 6.2 percent of the area of ​​all sushi in the world and 23.8 percent of the world’s population.

The annual volume of gross domestic product (GDP) of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industrial and Agricultural Chamber is more than 9 trillion US dollars, which is 9 percent of GDP.