Members of international criminal organizations were detained in Turkey

Turkish security forces detained three leaders of international criminal organizations, including Interpol’s “red ballot”. This was announced on Tuesday, December 19 on social media was announced by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey Ali Yerlika.

Dangerous criminals are captured as part of the KAFES-21 operation, organized in Alanya (Antalya) and Istanbul in coordination with the Department for Combating the Drug Correspondence of the Main Directorate of the Turkish Police, the Minister said.

Thomas Joseph Conrad, detained in the Alanya area in the province of Antalya, was looking for the “red ballot” of Interpol. He headed an organized criminal group that carries out drug trafficking in Poland, imported large batches of drugs from Morocco to Italy and Spain, and then sends to other countries in Europe.

Jinkin Pan, looking for in China for “fraud and illegal activity” with the “red ballot” Interpol, was captured by Turkish security forces in the Fatih region in Istanbul, the head of the department said.

Daniel Alexander Müller was on an emergency wanted list in Germany for involvement in the turnover of one ton of cocaine, he was detained in the Beyoglu area in Istanbul, the head of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs said

Yerlikaya emphasized that Turkish law enforcement agencies will continue and henceforth resolutely suppress any activities of international criminal organizations, drug dealers and gangs in the country.