Menendes temporarily left post of chairman of US Senate Committee on International Relations

American Senator Bob Menendes, accused of “receiving bribes”, temporarily left the US Senate Committee on International Relations.

According to the reports of the American press, Senator Chuck Schumer in his statement said: “Senator Menendes rightly decided to temporarily leave the post of chairman of the Committee on International Relations until the problem is resolved”.

Affirming that Menenses is a “devoted public servant”, Schumer said that he has the right to a fair trial.

– accusation of “corruption using the senatorial post”

In a 39-page indictment submitted to the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York, Menendes and his wife Nadine Arslannyan are accused of bribery of relations with businessmen of New Jersey.

Federal prosecutors announced that as part of an investigation that lasted more than a year, during searches in the Senator’s house, two gold ingots worth $ 100 thousand and 480 thousand dollars were seized in the form of hidden cash.

The indictment also states that, using his senatorial chair, Menendes was involved in such corruption actions as unlawful mortgage payments, unlawful rewards for the work and acquisition of a luxury car. >

In their case, a friend of Nadin Menendes, a businessman from New Jersey, who managed to obtain permission from the Egyptian authorities for verification and certification of meat supplied to Egypt. Also, the investigation was interested in the connections of Menendes with the developer from New Jersey Fred Daibes. The investigation lasted a year.

After the charges, the policy will have to leave the post of chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

In 2015, the senator was also charged with corruption in connection with attempts to influence the course of the doctor from Florida accused of fraud. He was also forced to leave his position in the Senate, but then was restored in 2018, since the jury considered him the guilt not proven. New accusations are not related to the case of 2015.

The Senate History Office noted that Menenses, apparently, became the first senator in the history of the United States to be charged with two non -interference criminal cases.

In 2024, Menendes planned to participate in the parliamentary elections again.