MFA: Najaryan refused to return to Armenia

A native of the Lebanese city of Burj Hammud Maral Najaryan, who has both Armenian and Lebanese citizenship, was detained by the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan in the former conflict zone together with her partner, a Lebanese citizen of Armenian origin. She testified in connection with illegal entry into the territory of Azerbaijan and the commission of other actions that violate the legislation of Azerbaijan. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, this was said by the press secretary of the department Leyla Abdullayeva, answering a question from the media about Maral Najaryan.

“As a result of the humanism demonstrated by the Azerbaijani side, M. Najaryan was released on March 10. We would like to note that Najaryan chose to return not to Armenia, but to Lebanon. It should be noted that as a result of discussions with the Russian side, it was not possible to send Najaryan through the territory of Russia, since she is a citizen of Lebanon. Therefore, Najaryan was sent back to Lebanon through Turkey. We also want to note that there are currently no detained women of Armenian origin in Azerbaijan, “said the representative of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.