MFA of China about causes of “vaccine nationalism”

China believes “vaccine nationalism” an error, adheres to the opinion that, regardless of where the vaccine is produced, if it is effective, safe and can help people fight the epidemic, then this is a good vaccine, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Ministry said on Friday Briefing KNR Hua Chunin, reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that Europe was faced with the “World War of New Type” associated with vaccination. The leader of France is convinced that this happened in a sense due to the “aspirations of Russia and China to influence the help of vaccines.” Macron suggests that in the current situation, European countries need to show independence in the issue of production of vaccines.

“I believe that the position of China regarding the fact that vaccines should be a global public blessing, everyone should be extremely clear. Until at least one person is unsafe, no one can feel in absolute security, so we We do everything possible to put vaccines to countries around the world, and within our opportunities we provide assistance and support in response to requests in accordance with the requirements of the relevant countries, “the diplomat said.

She stressed that, regardless of whether a vaccine was produced in China or in another country, if it is effective, safe and can help people fight the epidemic, then this is a good vaccine.

“We hope that other major countries, especially countries with opportunities, will also be able to apply an example and be able to take adequate responsibility,” she added.

According to her, indeed, there are some countries whose vaccine reserves are much higher than the needs of the population, which led to the emergence of “vaccine nationalism”, “we believe that this is a mistake.”

“At this critical moment, the international community can win a pandemic only if they are united and will cooperate. We hope that all countries can make a positive contribution to ensuring the availability and availability of vaccines in developing countries,” she added.

China is ready to work with other countries, including France, to strengthen international vaccine cooperation, “the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry added.

Previously, the developers of the Russian vaccine against Coronavirus “Satellite V” answered Macron’s statements about the World War of New Type and offered to join those countries that decided to produce the drug in themselves.