Mike Pence announced nomination of candidates for presidential presidential election

Former US Vice President Mike Pence officially announced his nomination of his presidential presidential election in 2024.

This is stated in his video message, published on Wednesday on Twitter.

“It would be easy to stay away. But I was raised not so. Therefore, today before God and my family, I announce that I will participate in the election of the US President,” Pence said.

On Monday, June 5, the federal commission for the US election reported on the participation of a pence in the election.

Pence will nominate the Republican Party, as well as the former head of the White House Donald Trump, under the presidency of the Vice President.

According to the Morning Consult survey conducted on May 26-28, 56 percent of the Republican Party supporters intend to support Trump’s candidacy, 22 percent will support the governor of Florida Rona landing. Only five percent of the respondents announced their readiness to support the pence.

The following elections of the US President will be held in November 2024. On April 25, the current President Democrat Joe Biden said that he would seek re -election to the highest state post.