Milestone of Turkish-Japanese diplomacy: Frigate “Ertugrul”

The year 133 has passed since the establishment of Turkish-Japanese relations and the departure of the Turkish frigate “Ertugrul” in Japan, which sank on the way back.

Frigate departure to Japan 133 years ago can be considered in the context of the beginning of the establishment of Turkish-Japanese relations. The first meeting between the leaders of the two countries took place in October 1887, when the Japanese prince Komatsu, who arrived in Istanbul, was adopted by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II.

In response to the visit of the mosquito frigate, Ertugrul was sent to Japan. This was the first diplomatic mission of 609 people

The ship crashed on September 16, 1890 on the way back. The frigate sank in the Pacific Ocean, crashing into a rock.

The cause of shipwreck was a storm near the shores of Kusimoto.

As a result of shipwreck, more than 500 Ottoman sailors died, only 69 people survived.

A monument to the victims of the tragedy was erected in Kusimoto.

In 1937, Türkiye restored the monument. Every year there are commemoration ceremonies.