Military delegation of Azerbaijan in Pakistan

The delegation led by the commander of the naval forces (IUD) of Azerbaijan by the counter-admiral subchang Bekirov conducted a number of meetings in the framework of the visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reports.

At first, our military delegation visited the Mausoleum of the founder of the Pakistani state of Muhammad Ali Ginny in Karachi and laid a wreath to his grave.

Then the Azerbaijani delegation visited Flotilla Navy Pakistan. During the meeting between the counter-admiral of S. Bekirov and the commander of the Flotilla Pakistan, Council Admiral Ovasom Akhmad Bilgrami discussed issues of sharing experience between host crews in the framework of cooperation of the Navy of Azerbaijan and Pakistan, the organization of mutual visits of military seafarers and other aspects.

Azerbaijani delegation also met with the Commander of Flotilla Navy Pakistan counter-admiral Navid Ashraf. The parties reviewed the issues of the development of naval infrastructure, the organization of the protection of marine ports and other issues.

Azerbaijani military delegation also visited the plant of shipbuilding and engineering works in Karachi. At meetings with the management of the enterprise, a detailed briefing on the production facilities of the plant, the tactical and technical characteristics of ships of various types and appointments, their combat use, as well as in service with combat vehicles, was presented.

Parties also discussed the development of cooperation in the area of ​​shipbuilding and maintenance of vessels.