Military India and China agreed into hand-to-hand on border

The collision of Indian and Chinese military patrols occurred in the Tavang sector (Northern Arunachal Pradesh) on the border of the two countries. According to the Indian Express newspaper with reference to military sources, the incident occurred 10 days ago.

“The physical contact of the Indian border guards with Chinese military personnel occurred 10 days ago after more than 100 soldiers of the China People’s Liberation Army in the Tavang sector invaded the territory that India considers His,” the newspaper’s TASS quotes.

The skirmish between them lasted for several hours. Reinforcements were transferred to the Indian and Chinese servicemen who participated in it. The incident was able to resolve and distribute servicemen after negotiations of the commander of Indian and Chinese units in accordance with the established protocols and mechanisms. None of the border guards on both sides suffered.

“Their confrontation occurred due to the fact that Indian and Chinese soldiers patrolled this area in accordance with their ideas about where a non-pointed border between the two countries passes. This leads to contact and confront of the servicemen of India and China …” , – Sources noted.

The incident in Tavang occurred against the background of the preparation of India and China to hold the 13th round of the 13th round of negotiations on the normalization of the situation in another borderline – East Ladakhkhe.

TASS reminds that in May 2020, the collision of Lake Pangog-Tso 250 servicemen of the two countries, which was repeated on the night from June 15-26 in the Galiv River area and led to losses on both sides. In this regard, India and China transferred heavy artillery, tanks and aircraft in Ladakh, the number of military groups of each of the opposing parties was brought to 50 thousand people.