Milli Majlis condemns terrorist attack against Azerbaijani embassy

Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan condemns a terrorist act against the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran.

As the Haqqı, the REPAIR of the Parliament said, the responsibility for this treacherous attack alls the whole: in accordance with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations from 1961, the country of residence is obliged to ensure the protection of diplomatic missions, the safety of their employees on their territory.

The document notes that “recently in Iran, the campaign of slander and intimidation against Azerbaijan has been widely unfolded. In this regard, the adoption of preventive measures in relation to possible attacks on the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan was to be in the focus of the law enforcement agencies of Iran. Given the incident, taking into account the incident, taking into account the incident. Serious issues raises the possibility of unhindered penetration of an armed person into the administrative building of the embassy, ​​where a special security regime is valid. “

Azerbaijani deputies consider Iran’s statements about the causes of this cruel attack unsatisfactory and require a thorough investigation of the attack, the harsh punishment of all the perpetrators and those who are behind this crime, as well as clarifying the circumstances that led to tragic events.

“It is known that Azerbaijan has been subjected to acts of terror for many years. But no matter how difficult the consequences of those bloody atrocities are, they will not be able to force the Azerbaijani state to turn off the path of independent internal and foreign policy. Customers, instigators and performers of the terrorist attack There should be no doubt against the Azerbaijan Embassy in Iran: they will not be able to achieve their vile goals, ”the message says.

Milli Majlis also expressed deep condolences to the family of the deceased and speedy recovery to the wounded employees of the embassy.