Minister of Defense of Armenia: army must obey me and Pashinyan

The Minister of Defense of Armenia Suren Papikyan during the discussions of the bill on amendments to the Law “On Defense” stated that the discussed package of bills under discussion is extremely important, he will ensure the vertical of power in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the country, the Armenian media reported.


According to the proposed amendments, the head of the General Staff of Armenia will be the first deputy minister of defense, but he will not fulfill the functions of the minister in case of his absence. The need to adopt these amendments, according to Papikyan, has risen for a long time.

“We need to extract lessons from the previously made errors. As the bitter experience testifies, we were not able to solve a number of tasks set before us due to errors and omissions,” said Papikyan, the words of which are quoted by Armenia Today.

Many, according to Papikyan, say that an attempt is being made to subordinate the armed forces to the Minister of Defense. Meanwhile, this is not an attempt, but a very clear step: the armed forces must obey the Minister of Defense and the Supreme Commander -in -Chief, said Papikyan.

“So that there are no questions from now on, I will say clearly: the people delegated the power to us, and this gives us the right to carry it out in full, and we are ready for this,” the Minister of Defense of Armenia emphasized.