Ministry of Culture: Estonia will transfer to Ukraine 274 archaeological artifact

Temporary acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Rostislav Karandeev together with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Estonia Maxim Kononenko and the ambassador on special instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Igor, we were discussing the issue of transferring 274 archaeological artifacts to Ukraine from Estonia.

“Thanks to the powerful cooperation of the Estonian and Ukrainian sides, we celebrate another victory of our state in the cultural field. Soon, the exhibits will be transferred to Ukraine. They will successfully complement our national treasure and will demonstrate historical justice,” the press service of the Ministry of Culture quotes Karandeeva.

He thanked the representatives of the diplomatic service for the fastest transfer of artifacts to Ukraine.

It is noted that artifacts are being prepared for transmission from Estonia to Ukraine, which in 2019 were detected during the attempt of smuggling. Then the police and the Border Service of Estonia successfully prevented the illegal import into the country of a number of archaeological artifacts. Among them are 274 subjects that relate to cultures of the early Iron and Iron Age from the V -IV century. BC. e. Until the VII-X centuries. n. e. and are part of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.