Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published list of technology and weapons confiscated in Karabakh

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan introduced a list of military equipment, weapons and ammunition confiscated after the completion of local anti -terrorism measures in the Karabakh region of the Republic.

Activities for the disarmament of illegal armed groups in the region continues.

So, as of the morning of September 28, a total of 1132 pieces of small arms and grenade launchers, 61 pieces of artillery guns, 235 air defense systems, 434295 ammunition and accessories, 231 optical and other instruments, 26 armored vehicles, 26 armored vehicles, 26 armored vehicles, 26 armored vehicles, 26 armored vehicles. 125 automobile equipment and 21 trailer

Anti -terrorist measures of a local nature undertaken by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Karabakh, ended with the surrender of separatists. Given the appeal of representatives of the Armenian population of Karabakh through the Russian peacekeeping contingent, an agreement was reached on complete ceasefire, and the anti -terrorist measures of a local nature were suspended on September 20 at 13:00 local time.

At the suggestion of the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan, a meeting with representatives of the Armenian residents of Karabakh was scheduled for September 21 in Yevlah.

The meeting discussed the issues of reintegration based on the constitution and laws of Azerbaijan.

The second meeting of representatives of the official Baku with representatives of Armenians was held on September 25 in Khojaly.